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Once again it is our great pride and pleasure to announce that we will be having our Annual Lozells Community Arts & Crafts Exhibition 2019. This will be our 6th exhibition and like last year, we are once again giving all who live, work and school in Lozells an opportunity to show our diversity and togetherness through our talents.

We also want to take this opportunity to say, without reserve, a big thank you to the Lozells community, exhibitors, participants, sponsors, partners and funders, past and present, for all their support. We are expecting a bigger event this year, with more artists, schools, craftsmen & women, to join us to celebrate, experience a community of talent, cohesion.

We invite all, to come, experience, and celebrate our event which showcases the talents of our community’s artists, craftsmen/women that forever aims to, foster an understanding of our diversity, nurture community cohesion, that encourages and develops creativity in all communities.

We also use this opportunity to call on all interested artists and craftspeople, who work, live, have links to Lozells, to avail themselves of the opportunity to showcase their talent with their work. We want every exhibitor and visitor to feel empowered and motivated by what they witness during this event.

Please see the guidelines for exhibitors below this article. We shall also be distributing physical flyers to everyone soon.

We look forward to welcoming you at the event. Please feel free to share with your contacts. To contact us for more information and/or enquiries please, phone 01215549360 (Ext.1) or email or

Eddy Aigbe

Centre Manager Lozells Methodist Community Centre Lozells Methodist Church Building 163 Gerrard Street Lozells, Birmingham B19 2AH Telephone: 01215549360 Ext.1

Lozells Community Arts and Crafts Exhibition Guidelines

The space forges creative dialogue, brings attention to local art as well as creates new opportunities for artists in our city, fosters integration, tolerance and, relationship building

– Any artist, who live, schools and/or works in Lozells, may apply to exhibit. – Any artist or group or organization who has relationships with Lozells may apply to exhibit.

Exhibits should:
– have a healthy and harmonic outlook
Exhibits should not:
– have any negative or hate message.
– be confusing, confrontational or depressing.
– have sexual and/or violent content

Financial Considerations
The Community Art Space charges no commission fee; nor does the gallery handle any transactions between artist and buyer. There are no booking or exhibition fees for artists. Sales are handled directly between the artist and buyer. We will accept donations if offered.

Delivery and Hanging of Work
The works are to be delivered on the Monday, 8th of July 2019.
For two-dimensional artwork (i.e. paintings, drawings or photographs), this must be framed or mounted on board which is suitable for hanging and of a reasonable size.
Three-dimensional work (i.e. sculpture, pottery, craft work, etc.) must be of reasonable size, be able to stand on its own, should not require more than one person to carry it and, it should not have any parts that can endanger or injure the bearer of the artwork.
Please ensure that, in an appropriate sized label, the following information must accompany all work for submission:
Artist Name
Media and Date
Failure to do so might mean your work will not be accepted for the exhibition.

Eddy Aigbe – Centre Manager/ Exhibition Curator

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