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On Saturday 30th June 2018, a beautiful summer’s day the likes of which we hadn’t seen in a long time, Handsworth celebrated its togetherness by hosting a number of community events.

The first one was kicked off by Handsworth Bazaar, which is run by Kanika Safiya, with the help of her Mum. This was held as usual in St Andrews in the heart of Handsworth.

The idea of the Bazaar is that people bring goods they no longer need (obviously in good condition), and pick up the items they fancy taking home. This avoids unwanted goods going to landfills, and provides an opportunity for visitors to meet and have a chat around a drink.

Kanika has run several of these in the past but, she says, ‘I need to have a break, partly to replenish my energy, and partly to think about how best to live my life. I’ll probably continue in the same vein, but not until the autumn’.

The day was also marked by the Uplands Allotments fete, which coincided with Handsworth Wood in Bloom.

The organisers had really made themselves proud this year, having cleared a large lawn with a central motif, and numerous stalls stalls around (and even more in the pavillion itself) sellings goods, giving local information, providing fun for the children with many games, not forgetting the public who was invited to sit down at tables to enjoy their food and drinks to the sweet sounds of reggae. The event was extremely well organised and was enjoyed by a big crowd of people. Well done to all, you have made Handsworth proud!

70 years ago!




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