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Published on May 2nd, 2013 | by Teresa Vigay


Tree Planting in Handsworth Park

Among the many fine trees in Handsworth Park there now stands a young Giant Redwood. It was planted on Thursday 14th March as part of a community tree planting, involving local children from Grove School, community organisations and local councillors.

The tree planting was co-ordinated by Birmingham Trees for Life, an organisation that works in partnership with Birmingham City Council and Birmingham Civic Society to promote awareness and understanding of the value and importance of trees, particularly in cities.

The Giant redwood was planted at the request of a Kurdish community group (, hoping it will become a symbol and focal point for a number of communities in Handsworth who have fled from violence and oppression and there are plans to hold an annual peace ceremony there.

Kurdish community representatives and local politicians and the Redwood tree

Kurdish community representatives and local politicians and the Redwood tree

Ten trees were planted in total, including two Dawn Redwoods, two Swamp Cypress, two Wellingtonias and two Ginko Bilobas.

The children were given a talk about the lifecycles of trees before being given shovels so they could help plant them. Btfl believe that by getting local children interested in trees, they will not only provide them with a continuing learning resource, but will also reduce the chances of vandalism.

Btfl is a charity, set up to raise money to enable more trees to be planted, and to encourage the involvement of everyone, especially young people, in planting trees.

Local residents and school children are encouraged to come and help plant the trees. Also local businesses, community groups or individuals can sponsor a tree.

Trees are planted for all sorts of reasons – to replace those lost due to disease or old age, to create new natural habitats, create shade near seats or playgrounds, extend existing woodland, or line paths and cycleways – just some examples of how trees can be used in an urban setting.

Over 20,000 trees have been planted in Birmingham’s parks and open spaces since the project started in 2006.

Last year Btfl planted 10 trees in Handsworth Park, with a view to creating a Tree Trail in the park.  The ten trees planted in the park on March 14th were a continuation of this project.

For more information about Birmingham Trees for Life, see their website:

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