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  1. DAVID says:

    Please can you put some pressure on our local MP to get the cleaning situation solved in Handsworth. The streets are full with leaves that are normally cleaned in November every year when I have to request it. This year they have not done anything. The standard of service from waste management and cleaning is becoming totally unprofessional and unacceptable.

  2. Jennifer Walters says:

    I wrote and posted this edited suggestion last year around April 2019, and I still believe it is valid.
    Apart from the many years of discussing with councillors regards the misuse of our gullies (alleyways) in Handsworth, and the possibility of being gated off; I have also thought, Wouldn’t it be something, if we all Reclaimed our roads and gullies (alleyways)!
    For 2019 I believe, it would be useful to start a discussion of how to go about holding community social events in the gullies! Inviting our local neighborhoods to get involved, via the arts – in its wide and varied forms, live music, food, lighting, displays, health and safety, cleaning etc. Whether only using a section, or ambitiously the whole 3/4 mile, would make such a difference to the area. I realise there is so much to consider; and this shouldn’t deter us from cohesion through creativity. So, Are there any volunteer activists, events organisers, funding applicators, artists, promoters etc out there, who would be interested at looking at this venture? Do be honest in letting me know if I’m being a fantasist. However, In the meantime, We will not allow fear of being imposed upon, and living up to stereotypes take grip, and deny us the ability to enjoy Handsworth, and the local neighborhoods where we live!
    Jennifer Walters

  3. JEN says:

    Apart from the shutting down of the gullies, for many years I’ve always wondered, What about us claiming our roads and gullies (alleyways) back! For 2019 we could start a discussion of how to go about holding a community social events in the gullies! Invite the neighborhood to get involved, via live music, food, lighting, displays, safety etc. Whether only using a section, or ambitiously the whole 3/4 mile, would make such a difference to the area. I realise there is so much to consider; and why should we allow this stop creativity. So, Are there any volunteers, activists, events organiser, funding applicators, artists etc, who would be interested and willing in looking at this venture? Do be honest in letting me know if I’m being a fantasist. However, In the meantime, We can’t allow fear and intimidation to grip us from enjoying where we live!

  4. Natalie says:

    Hi I would like to sign the petition for the trees in Haughton road not to be cut down. They are beautiful and a part of history and it will be ashame to get rid of them. Thanks

    • John OMeara says:

      Hello Natalie – you may already have picked up on this, but it has got to the point after discussion by Handsworth Helping Hands with a wide range of people(Council Leader, local councillor, Amey, the Council’s Tree Protection Officer amongst others), that there is agreement/reluctant acceptance that the tree is genuinely diseased and also damaging important underground works/services. Unfortunately, therefore, it is going to be cut down and replaced by a smaller variety of tree. It seems that the same has to happen to the other treees of the same kind in that road for the same reasons. At least the whole process will have again sent a message to the Council/Amey etc that people won’t tolerate mature trees being felled without good reason.

      best wishes,

      John O’Meara

  5. Simon Baddeley on Sue Green’s recent essay: By the way this is the Prof Ted Cantle referred to by Susan G. His position is that ‘multiculturalism’ needs to be replaced in urban sociology and policy by ‘interculturalism’. He sees Handsworth and other inner suburban areas through this lens – one which prevents him seeing the issues Sue Green is describing. Cantle is ‘credited’ with inventing the term ‘social cohesion’. His ideas inform much current urban policy – certainly Birmingham’s. By Cantle’s lights our problems revolve around our inability (failure?) to move from ‘multiculturalism’ to ‘interculturalism’. Sue argues that these are not the core issues in our area; that indeed policies based on Cantle’s ideas of social cohesion are a distraction from the larger issue of the way BCC has for years treated the cities inner suburbs as an easy target for planning permissions and infrastructure decisions (or non-decisions) that they cannot impose in the rest of the city. We help them sort out their problems even as they pretend to be sorting our ours. In effect the city council – members and officers and their partners – not our so-called failures as a community has eroded social cohesion and blighted our area – driving out of Handsworth, and other inner suburbs, all but a minority of aspirant citizens, actual and potential community leaders, along with social and economic entrepreneurs of all ethnicities. Driven by the underlying assumptions of theorists like Ted Cantle, local government officers and political leaders, continue the very policies that destroy ‘social cohesion’, but in so doing confirm their own understanding of our ‘problems’. Is this wilful or unconscious ignorance?

  6. Soraya Turley says:

    Is there any truth to the spreading rumour that the Uplands Allotments are to be sold. Several plot holders are stating that they have heard it’s true. We all got sent a brochure of allotment rules this year which is a first …..makes me think that there is something in the pipeline?

    • John OMeara says:

      Hello Soraya – I don’t know the answer myself, but I will spread your question around and come back to you if I get any news (or maybe you have heard more since this morning?).

  7. As a regular visitor to the attentive website of H3, may I ask how often you meet, at which venue and if I would be allowed to attend a meeting – purely as an observer..?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


  8. catherine wood says:

    again i thank handsworth helping hands i had a problem with my plinths in my kitchen units it was such a problem , but Simon came and helped me and fixed them and took so much trouble i was so grateful he is a delightful man and so full of knowledge of so many things he is so easy to talk to I LOVE HANDSWORTH HELPING HANDS A WONDERFUL CHARITY

  9. Kemi says:

    I am trying to contact you to see if you will help us clear a dumping spot on Crick Lane as we want to turn it into a community garden

    • Gaelle Finley says:

      I would suggest contacting Handsworth Helping Hands (see previous article in Inside Handworth). Best of luck, Gaelle

  10. FAO Louise Kilbride:

    Are there any plans to hold a Lunar Dinner at Soho House in 2015? We’d be very interested to hear from you if there are plans to do so!

    • Gaelle Finley says:

      I’ve passed on your comment to Louise.

    • Louise Kilbride says:

      Hi both, yes as far as I know, Aftab Rahman (Bay Leaf) is planning to run another one this year (he liases with Soho House and does the catering and I organise the music for it). It’s normally the Friday closest to midsummer’s night – we will post when it’s confirmed
      Thanks for the interest 🙂


  11. catherine wood says:

    Simon from helping hands visited me today and kindly did some jobs for me. I had been quoted 400 pounds for the jobs Simon did in a few hours, not only did he do the jobs but was so interesting to talk to not to mention lovely little Oscar. In the days of such terrible news every day on media and T/V it is so heart warming to know there a people out there who are working for their community’s with out charge although a donation is always appreciated It has made my day thank you all involved in Handsworth helping hands please continue with your good work Catherine wood

  12. Phil Murphy says:


    Explore Learning will be opening a centre in Handsworth on 28th June and would love to include a press release. We will be holding free trial sessions from 28th as well! It would be fantastic to discuss this!

    Kind regards,


  13. Gaelle Finley says:

    Emailing you

  14. Louise says:

    Hi Gaelle
    I couldnt seem to post on the Inside handsworth FB page – can you add this to your listings please? Lx
    Midsummer Lunar Dinner – Sat 21st June 2014 – 6pm-10pm
    Back by popular demand! Lunar Dinner 2014 at Soho House and gardens. The evening starts with a tour of Soho House, followed by a Bangladeshi banquet, a talk by the of the Lunar Society, with live soulful acoustic music from Louise Kilbride, Jenna Varndell + debut performance from local young singer, Maggie Kilbride-Singh, followed by beautiful jazz by Indigo and guest musicians. Dine in the home of Matthew Boulton, overlooking the beautiful gardens of Soho House, with great live music, delicious food and in great company, on the longest day of the year. It promises to be a magical evening.
    Tickets are £30 – but if you Inbox Louise Kilbride there are a few discount tickets left for £25, (£15 for under 12s).
    Soho Avenue (off Soho Road) Handsworth Birmingham B18 5LB (

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