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People who ‘park’ their wheelie bins on the road to save a parking space for their car are antisocial and create a possibly dangerous scenario. This situation appears to be on the increase and, as soon as one person does it, other people feel encouraged to do the same. This has the potential to escalate until it will be very difficult to control.

If you want to report the issue, click the link to the online form: https://www.birmingham.gov.uk/potholes

Use the map to start your report and follow these steps:

  • search by entering a post code or road name in the search button (include the property number if known)
  • use the “Find my location” circle underneath the zoom tabs to use your current location
  • use the “Plot new enquiry” tab and zoom in to choose the bins location manually
  • when you have marked both locations on the map, use the “Submit new enquiry” tab to begin completing the form.

You can add additional location information within the form once the mapping point has been submitted.

It remains to be seen if reporting the problem will have the expected result, but it’s a step in the right direction.



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