DSCF1111The Community Service Team have been working on St. Mary’s cemetery for well over a year now. At first it seemed a bit bare without the overgrown green chaos, but this Spring you can see more clearly than before the original lay-out of tree lined avenues, and because more light is getting to the ground there is an increase in bluebells and daffodils. In places you can see how the Team have brought out some of the stories told by the gravestones. Technical limitations have had an impact here and there in the collection of pictures below, but we think they are worth a look.




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  1. I started Burbury Creative Writers’ Circle in Burbury Park when I came back from London around 1989. One of the visits for inspiration was to St Mary’s Cemetry. Lots of interesting writing came out of this. I lived near there, on Holly Rd, for 11 years and walked around the cemetery sometimes. Visitors to my home were usually taken to Handsworth Park and the Cemetry. In the early 70’s we cut through the cemetery on our way to and from blues. Memories, memories

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