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St.Teresa’s Catholic Primary School, in Butler’s Road, Handsworth, celebrates its 50th birthday this month. Following a special Mass at St.Teresa’s Church, the small, lively school had a garden party and games day on Saturday June 7th, featuring music and performances by pupils and staff, a marquee holding table football contests, target goal challenges, and other games, while children had wild fun on a large inflatable slide. There was also a Balloon Race – labeled balloons were released, and the next few weeks will reveal which balloon travelled the furthest. St.Teresa’s is well-known locally for its self-written performances and shows, often satirical and always funny. The school has a fine reputation for music, and their choir performed three songs. But perhaps the highlight of the afternoon was a hilarious “synchronized swimming” show (on dry land) by the teachers.

The Balloon RaceSt.Teresa Choir

As part of the preparation for the 50th anniversary celebrations for St. Teresa’s Catholic Primary School a group of twelve capable artists from Years 5 and 6 were identified to work on a Banner to mark the occasion, supported by artists Hunt Emerson and Graham Higgins. A design was developed that illustrated key features of the life of the school. The children also worked on images of individuals that have contributed to the life of the school over the last half century.

The outcome of this work is a unique piece, made by the children, which marks this time in the life of the school and is a focal point in the celebrations. The new Banner, which can be seen here, was unveiled on the day – it is rich and colourful, and the children are very excited with it.

BANNER final lowres

One of the images included on this new Banner was a design made up of individual squares of material joined to form a single embroidered banner. This piece was lost in a fire at the school in October 2013.

The school is highly regarded having been judged as Outstanding by Ofsted in September 2012 and as Outstanding for its provision of a Catholic education by the Diocesan Education Service in November 2012. This success is the culmination of high quality staff, supportive and aspirational parents and, most importantly, motivated, talented and capable children.

Declan Corkery

Head Teacher Declan Corkery told Inside Handsworth: “The celebration was very successful and enjoyed by many who have moved on from St. Teresa’s; be they staff, pupils or parents, and by many who are the current ‘family’ of the school.

I want to give a huge thank you to the staff for their dedication and hard work, not just for Saturday’s event, but for everything they bring to the school. They are extremely dedicated and talented and strive to move the school forward. Thank you also to the children who are the stars of the school and bring such joy to all of our lives.

Here’s to the next 50 years!”

With thanks to Hunt Emerson.

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