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As was reported previously, the future of Handsworth’s local choir is in the balance. After the Christmas and New Year (very long) break, a series of five sessions were organised with different choir masters each time. These proved to be invaluable experiences as each master brought their own expertise to the chorists, and they were very warmly appreciated.

However on the last of these sessions on 26th March, Mike Flower (Chorus Manager at the CBSO) explained that  the CBSO was in the process of meeeting with Rookery School in order to determine whether any future collaboration was on the cards.

In addition, there were to be talks about the possibility of further funding. Mike Flower: ‘The running costs of the choir are such that it would not be possible for the members to subsidise it all on their own. The choir would not be able to be self sustaining and more funding is needed if it is to continue’.

There will therefore be a long break and the choir will not meet during April. If all goes well – and Mike was keen to stress that there were no guarantees – the choir could resume at the beginning of May. The co-ordinator, Amy Cassells, will keep in touch and update the chorists with any further development.

It is also worth noting that the Arts Champion scheme will start its residency in the Perry Barr district next week, and this will last for three years.

It is hoped that the local choir will be able to tap into that scheme, which would no doubt help to ensure its survival.



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