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Published on November 20th, 2013 | by Gaelle Finley



As the darker nights arrive, we traditionally see an increase in burglaries. Here are a few helpful tips to prevent this crime:
- Please make sure that all windows and doors are locked and secured, especially when leaving your home.
- When you are out, leave a light or radio switched on or use a timer switch to give the impression that someone is in.
- Use a Burgler Alarm if you have one.
- Make sure that ladders and tools are locked away to prevent a burgler from using them.
- Make your garden as secure as possible to prevent a Burgler from climbing over fences and walls.
- Mark your property with a UV Pen. These are avaliable at Police Stations on request.
- Please pass this message onto your neighbours
- If you see any suspicious activity at anytime please contact us on 101.

The West Midlands Police.

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